Saturday, March 1, 2008

Sickness Strikes

Around the middle of Feb Rick got sick. He thinks is was something that he ate. I'm not so sure.. That was on a Thursday night. Rick was in Dallas and he brother Darrell was with him. The next day they drove back to Ft Worth so that Darrell could buy his new truck. On Sat Darrell stated not feeling well (you know the kind that you don't get to far from the bathroom). Then last week Rachel got sick. Now Rick rode back to Dallas on Fri with Rachel.(Rachel got a blessing)( It was different than Rick's) You know close quarters. I meet him in Dallas on Fri night and stayed in a hotel I slept in the other bed...Thanks but no thanks I didn't want to get sick. Then on Tue Brett got really sick. He came home from football practice and he would not have normally done that. Rick and our good friend Jonathon Killebrew gave him a blessing. We are very thankful for the priesthood in our family. Brett and Brittany then made a trip to the hospital. He could hardly move and then on his way there he got sick and threw up again. After a few hours in the hospital he was sent home after given some pain meds and then stomach flu meds that Brittany filled the next day. Well today poor Brittany got sick. Tonight she passed out. Freaked out Brett, they were here watching Haylee while Rachel went out with friends from work.. Rick was at church and I was at work. Poor Brett he was pretty scared They called the paramedics and then Rachel to come home and Rick to. Rick got home before the paramedics left. Tried to have Rachel go back with her friends but then everyone was home but me til I got off. When you are super tiny like Brittany not eating a day is not good. For someone like me...It wouldn't hurt. I certainly hope that I don't get this lovely bug... I had enough last year. Haylee has not gotten sick either. We pray that she doesn't. Rachel has been giving her vitamins faithfully. I hope everyone stays healthy.


txmommy said...

sick is awful! we've shared a couple rounds of it this season too. Sorry you guys have it...hopefully it's gone now.

marcia said...

oh gosh is Brit ok now? did she go to hosp? poor baby, poor family:>. did your friends from Minn get it? We are so grateful for the priesthood too I will pray you all are ok btw thanks for all your help and all you do