Monday, March 31, 2008

TAG... about me!

10 years ago

I was 37. We had 4 kids, Ages 17,15,13,11, and in 3 different schools with 3 different start times. Life was fun, we always had something to do. With either dance soccer or football , basketball. We were busy. Rick and I had been married for 20 years.

Things on my to do list today.

Pick up the twins at 2:00
Go to work
Find fabric for a quit
Make my bed

What I would do if I became a millionaire
Buy my mom a house
Pay our house off
set money aside for our grandchild(children)
Take a trip with our whole family
Have a great family reunion

Bad Habits
leaving at the last minute to go places
Not having a dinner menu
watching Lifetime(it drives Rick nuts)
not finishing projects

Jobs I have had
Snow cone stand
Dillards shoe dept
Salt Lake Temple
Driving a school bus
American Airlines

Places I have Lived
Council Bluffs, Ia
Fort Worth, Tx
Salt Lake city, Ut
Riverton, Ut
Provo, Ut

Things I like to do.
I like to shop. scrapbook, sew.
I love spending time with my family.
Watching movies, Riding Horses

I tag Joy is my goal, Playful Professional,Shana6pack,Toomany to count
Have fun


Playful Professional said...

Thanks for tagging me... I've already done this one, does that count?

marcia said...

wow........... i am there with you