Monday, March 17, 2008

Meridith and Dani

What a great surprise. Caroline (Black)May found some old film and had it developed and on it was this picture. It was very thoughtful for her to have a copy made for me and she sent one to Dani. This was taken at girls camp at Camp Forrest. That year they had a good time. Meridith and Dani were great friends. They decided to get a mosquito net for their beds. They first pushed their beds together and they put this net over now 2 twin beds, the net was stretched to its fullest. They would pull up a corner up to crawl in. They had a fan blowing directly on them. Well the bugs would get caught flying into the fan and would be thrown through the fan into the mosquito net, one day they realized that they had bug guts on the mosquito net. They were rather grossed out. But the funniest story is that while they were up in the neatly made bed, reading or talking they saw a spider inside their lovely bed. Meridith crawled out of their bed so fast while screaming and laughing and Dani is now inside with the spider not wanting to go by the spider. All the girls in the cabin were laughing so hard. They made it a great and happy day that day at Good ole Camp Forrest. Where it is always so very hottt.!! Thanks Caroline for the memories. That is a great picture. Such a happy time in our lives. You captured her smile just perfectly.


txmommy said...

what a cute picture!
I wish I was there to see them scream and scramble!

Playful Professional said...

Sounds like a great girl's camp memory to me. I had lots of those and wish I had the pictures to prove it.

marcia said...

that was a fun year but then i loved them all