Thursday, March 13, 2008

Lon and Steph

In January when we went to Idaho we stayed with them. Stephanie made this great birthday cake for Rachel. She is quite creative. Lon is the one that looks like Aaron, like they could be brothers. Brett and Lon have become great friends, Brett enjoys talking to Lon almost daily. Lon and Meridith became such great friends while they were at school together. Meridith was thrilled for Lon and Stephanie to get engaged. Lon and Stephanie asked me if I would mind if they named their little girl after Meridith. I felt that to be a honor. Meridith would be so thrilled. She loved Stephanie. She liked her from the start, she did not like all of the girls Lon dated, she would tell him "I don't like her, or she doesn't fit our family." Stephanie does. She is kind,loving,beautiful, helpful. I could go on and on. So they decided to name their daughter Eden Meridith Kreger. We are so excited for them. Now if we can get them to move to Texas. We are all hoping that they move here. It would be in Houston, but at least its closer. The problem with that is Lon's fam is in Fort Collins and Stephanie's is in Blackfoot. So for the grandparents it could make it difficult. We love you guys. The end is in sight. Keep going, graduation is just around the corner..


Lon & Steph said...

That was so sweet:) Thank you for the wonderful people you are, I couldn't think of better people to be my family! I count my blessings every day for you.

marcia said...

I agree w/ her and i am not family and that is nice that they are using Meridith's name I was just looking at her picture in my scriptures today--